Standing up to the Sevier County Commissioners

On 10/21/19 Commissioner Warren Hurst crossed an ethical line. Mad because two people spoke in opposition to a dicey resolution, he went into a lengthy rant against Democrats and Liberals, which morphed into a homophobic comment and finally a racist lament, the last two which caught the attention of the press.

We want to thank both Rich and Sara for speaking in opposition to the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary. They both stood in that room full of people that we now see on tape nodding, applauding and laughing with Warren Hurst. Certainly, that was an extreme and tense situation even before Mr. Hurst exploded with his political, homophobic, and racist slurs. Several members of our party were there in support of Rich and Sara, and they should be commended as well for putting themselves out there as well. I also want to note that JoAnn and Amy ran for commission during the last election. They were surely subjected to similar treatment several times throughout their campaigns, but they persisted. Although they didn’t win, they put a big dent in the vote. Every time we run candidates, we will chip away at the good old boy that is the Sevier County Commission. It’s time to stand up like Sara did! We need everyone to get involved in any way they can.

Next election we would like to have 25 people to compete for every seat. Some of these guys have been in office 35-40 years due to lack of competition and voter apathy. EVERY ONE OF THEM SAID NOTHING while Hurst ranted and raved. We deserve better. We need people to run, hands on deck to support them, and funds to buy signs & ads. Be a part of the change. Attend a meeting and learn how you can run for office or help a great candidate. Send a donation to help us support those candidates:

Below are the links for the press coverage. We hope that all of you will help us keep the momentum going once the press dies down.  

The Washington Post

The Knoxville News Sentinel

WVLT Channel 8

WBIR Channel 10

‪“I just decided this wasn’t something I was going to sit and listen to… Commissioner Warren Hurst owes a big apology to those he demeaned.” ‬‪Our LIVE interview just now with Sara Thompson, the woman who WALKED OUT on the homophobic Sevier County Commissioner 🙌🏻Sara is chair of the Sevier County Democrats

Posted by The Tennessee Holler on Tuesday, October 22, 2019