2020 Democratic National Convention

The 2020 Democratic National Convention is the event where delegates of the United States Democratic Party will choose the party’s nominees for President of the United States for the 2020 U.S. presidential election. It begins on Monday, July 13, 2020 and runs through Thursday, July 16, 2020. It will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Contact us if you would like more information on how to be a delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. We will make sure you get the necessary paperwork and know how to meet the deadlines and requirements. Applying to be a delegate is like running for office, it requires more than simply filing notice. All delegates are responsible for covering their expenses to attend. TNDP will assist you in making travel arrangements and accommodations. We can offer guidance on how to increase your chances of being selected as a delegate, and how to raise money to cover your expenses. You must do/be available for the following:

  • 2/17/2020 DEADLINE TO FILE Declaration of Candidacy
  • 3/03/2020 YOU MUST VOTE in the TN Presidential Primary
  • 3/07/2020 Attend (and be elected a selector at) your County Convention
  • 3/21/2020 Attend (and be elected a delegate at) your Congressional District Convention
  • 7/13/ 2020-7/16/2020 Attend the DNC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

BE A SELECTOR (Choose your Delegates)

The vital process of delegate selection ensures that our Tennessee Delegation to the National Convention represents the many diverse Democratic voters of Tennessee. Women and men from all communities: people of color, voters with disabilities, the LGBTQ community, youth, workers, and others. Are you interested in being a part of the process? If so, contact us for more details and reminders. You must do/be available for the following:

  • 3/03/2020 Vote in the Tennessee Presidential Primary
  • 3/07/2020 Attend our County Convention at the King Family Library
  • 3/21/2020 Attend their Congressional District Convention (location to be advised), where the Democratic selectors elected at each County Convention will meet in their respective Congressional districts to elect the 42 district-level delegates.


The National Democratic Convention is operated by the DNC, the Democratic National Committee. Under their authority, the Convention selects nominees for President and Vice-President and adopts the Democratic Party platform. Each state sends a Delegation of representative Democrats to the National Democratic Convention, and with the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee’s guidance, Tennessee has adopted a Delegate Selection Plan that defines how our delegates are chosen. This plan is available in its entirety at tndp.org along with other materials that explain in detail the Rules and Bylaws of the DNC, The Call to Convention, and the Selection Rules of the DNC.